Five facts about „Gedankenkind“


have you ever written a blog post? I have not. The reason is probably the same as yours: no time, no desire, no interest. What topic should this blog have? What are my goals ? I don’t know. But one thing I do know: it has to entertain and above all enlighten.

But who is this unknown person on whose page you clicked? My name is Pascal, I’m 25 years old and I’m a chemistry student in my master’s degree. I love complex issues and those which still seem too complex for the human mind. Enough of that garbage (imagine a grinning moon emoji right here). The reason why I’m actually writing here is what I do: music.

Since 2012 I’m inspired by musicians like Paul Kalkbrenner, Christian Löffler and many other artists in this direction. Maybe you too? Since then I try in my spare time sometimes more sometimes less music in this genre to make. Mostly it failed because of the motivation. Enough of that, if this would still be the case we wouldn’t be here. 😉

This post tries to say through the flower: „Hello, here I am“! Thanks for your attention if you have read this far.


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